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1)AC Motors → Three Phase (SC & SR) → Medium / High Voltage - High Efficiency Motor





Standard Series

  • IP23 (Screen Protected Drip Proof), IC01.
  • Motors are basically rated for S1 (continuous duty) but can be adapted to other duties such as S6, S7, S8 etc.
  • Class 'F' insulation (temperature rise limited to class 'B').
  • 3 phase, 415 volt 10%, 50 cycle 5% as standard.
  • Continuously rated.
  • Tropicalisation treatment is provided as a standard practice.
  • Horizontal footmounted - B3 mounting as standard.
  • Vertical flange mounting - V1 construction available for frame sizes RW105, RW120, RW136, RW152 and RW168.

    RW Series - A Symbol of Versatility

  • Better for heavy duty use with driven machine imposing overloads and severe mechanical shocks and vibrations.
  • Suitable for smooth constant loads since the motors are also designed with high efficiency and power factor.
  • Motors are 10 - 15% lighter in weight and yet more rugged because of their inherent special construction.
  • Because of high Pull Out Torque and inherent thermal margin kept for high slip operation these motors are ideally suited for rerolling mills and Cane Cutter / Cane Crusher / Care Leveller / Cane Fiborizer applications pertaining to sugar industries.
  • Motors are also suitable for pump / fan applications.
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