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Special Application Motors

  Break Motors


Special Features:

  • Being simple and rugged-in construction, these motors need very little maintenance. In the rare events of failure, repair is simple and easy.
  • No separate D.C supply is necessary for brake coil energisation, because a rectifier unit is provided. The rectifier is open type and fixed between the two terminals inside the terminal box. Being open type, it ensures good heat dissipation and is very easy to replace.
  • Special brake liner is used, which ensures that the braking torque value remains quite stable through the use. Compensation for liner wear is easily done by advancing the position of the fan by tightening the castle nut at the non-drive end. The design of Brake motor facilitates a very easy replacement of armature disc and brake linear assembly.
  • Since the fan serves as a braking surface (unlike some other designs). It also serves to cool the Brake coil and the motor. These Brake Motors being fan-cooled are available in smaller frame sizes than other brake motors which are surface-cooled. Therefore, these motors are more compact and economical for a given application.
  • For crane and hoist duty applications Brake Motors are offered with special rotors. These rotors are specially suited for S3 and S4 duty normally encountered in hoist applications.


    Brake Motor is used for numerous applications. A few of them are listed below:

    • For all application where stopping & positioning is required and or also forward and reversal of direction is required
    • Cement concrete batching plants. • Packing Machine. • Textile Machinery
    • Machine Tools • Printing Machines • Cranes and Hoists
    • Material Handling Equipments • Leather Processing Machines • Geared Motors
    • Cable Reeling Drums • Rolling Mills

     Motors for Fire Fighting Pumps


    SEE: Please refer to the details in PTSC - I

     Smoke spill Motors

  • Smoke Spill motors are generally installed in the areas like Public Parking / Car Parking / Cinema Halls / Airports. Sites with smoke control system.
  • In an unlikely event of Fire, fans fitted with these motors reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access / escape routes smoke - free. Along with fans, motors are required to sustain this high temperature. In such cases motors operate at 250 Deg. C for 2 hours / 300 Deg. C for 1 hour.

    Standard Specifications:

    Frame : SZ80 - SZ200 L (For higher rating, pl refer)
    KW : 0.37 - 30 KW (4 Pole)
    Type of Cooling : IC 418 (air-over motor)
    Mounting : IMB3 / IMB5 or any other type as per requirement
    Insulation : H

     Roller Table Motors

    Frame size : 100 L - 315 M
    Poles : 4-6-8-10-16-32 poles
    Rating : 1 kgm to 100 kgm
    Safe stall time : 1 - 20 minutes

     Cooling Tower Motors

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